Adhd medications essay

The medical risks of medications commonly used to treat children with ADHD were examined using published research and findings from pediatricians, physicians, scientists, and other health care professionals, as well as alternative treatments for the disorder. The research showed that the ADHD pharmaceutical treatment plans have serious short and long term side effects on young children, with no evidence of long term efficacy.

Adhd medications essay

The Environment on ADHD by analyzing the issue of medicalization and how it applies; and focus on understanding this disorder rather then treating it in pursuit of achieving optimal, productive success for people with ADHD.

Medication is often seen as the favorable solution to treating ADHD because of its immediate results and proof of effectiveness.

However, after much research on the subject it is evident that there is tremendous neglect on researching the long term outcomes of using ADHD medication. Psychologist Yu Shu Huang covers several studies that investigate the long term effects of taking ADHD medication over the duration of five years.

In one study of young girls they were noted to have been at high risk for anti social, addictive, mood, anxiety, and eating disorders by the time time they were young adults Table 3.

The fact that there is minuscule research on the long term effects of the most common way of treating ADHD is deeply concerning. Conducting several studies, he concluded with less then compelling results. While there was minor improvements in academic achievements, there was no evidence of long term grade retention for the students during the three year period Langerg, with the other psychologists noted indicate the need for further research on the long term effectiveness of the medication, as well as research on the potential adverseCollege Links College Reviews College Essays College Since ADHD is a real disorder, it does affect the lives of those who live with it.

a 40 year old man recently found out he has ADHD. Pros and Cons of ADHD Medication ADHD is a problem that usually starts as a kid and can last until a person grows when not treated at once. There are different medication options that are offered for kids and adults with ADHD and these treatments may include different effects both good and bad.

Critics contend, however, that the efficacy of psychostimulants for adjusting the behavior of children diagnosed with ADHD is not valid evidence of a biological deficit, because these drugs produce similar results in children who do not have ADHD as well.

Impact of New ADHD Treatments Hidden Dangers of ADHD Medications The Reasoning Behind ADHD Awareness Week ADHD and the Zombie Phenomenon ADHD Drug Overdoses This essay is NOT a summary of several different elements of ADHD.

Rather, it is an analysis of a single trend related to ADHD, including various elements of that single trend. Especially, if there is an attitude changes that can be caused from the medication (

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ADHD or ADD is found in the family genetics, also. Which plays, an important factor, and cause the medication to react in brain injury, premature infant delivery and with birth weight, after the hidden danger of ADHD medication.

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Adhd medications essay

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