An introduction to the origins and history of the sport of hockey

Its earliest origins may be from Persia, Egypt or China, while archaeological evidence shows an early ball-and-stick game played in Greece in the s BCE. As civilization spread, so did the games. And eventually, as the civilized world went north, ball-and-stick moved onto the ice. When the Europeans made their way across the Atlantic to North America, they discovered Native Americans had their own games, the forerunners of lacrosse, and some Native Americans in South Dakota essentially played lacrosse on ice.

An introduction to the origins and history of the sport of hockey

See Article History Alternative Title: Points are awarded to a player or team whenever the opponent fails to correctly return the ball within the prescribed dimensions of the court. Organized tennis is played according to rules sanctioned by the International Tennis Federation ITFthe world governing body of the sport.

Tennis originally was known as lawn tennis, and formally still is in Britainbecause it was played on grass courts by Victorian gentlemen and ladies. It is now played on a variety of surfaces.


This ancient game is still played to a limited degree and is usually called real tennis in Britain, court tennis in the United States, and royal tennis in Australia. The modern game of tennis is played by millions in clubs and on public courts.

Its period of most rapid growth as both a participant and a spectator sport began in the late s, when the major championships were opened to professionals as well as amateurs, and continued in the s, when television broadcasts of the expanding professional tournament circuits and the rise of some notable players and rivalries broadened the appeal of the game.

A number of major innovations in fashion and equipment fueled and fed the boom. The addition of colour and style to tennis wear once restricted to white created an entirely new subdivision of leisure clothing. Tennis balls, which historically had been white, now came in several hues, with yellow the colour of choice.

Racket frames, which had been of a standard size and shape and constructed primarily of laminated wood, were suddenly manufactured in a wide choice of sizes, shapes, and materials, the most significant milestones being the introduction of metal frames beginning in and the oversized head in Federer, RogerRoger Federer, From its origins as a garden-party game for ladies in whalebone corsets and starched petticoats and men in long white flannels, it has evolved into a physical chess match in which players attack and defend, exploiting angles and technical weaknesses with strokes of widely diverse pace and spin.

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Tournaments offer tens of millions of dollars in prize money annually. History Origin and early years There has been much dispute over the invention of modern tennis, but the officially recognized centennial of the game in commemorated its introduction by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield in He published the first book of rules that year and took out a patent on his game inalthough historians have concluded that similar games were played earlier and that the first tennis club was established by the Englishman Harry Gem and several associates in Leamington in At the time, the Marylebone Cricket Club MCC was the governing body of real tennis, whose rules it had recently revised.

Heathcote, a distinguished real tennis player, developed a better tennis ball of rubber covered with white flannel, the MCC in established a new, standardized set of rules for tennis.

Meanwhile, the game had spread to the United States in the s. Mary Outerbridge of New York has been credited with bringing a set of rackets and balls to her brother, a director of the Staten Island Cricket and Baseball Club. But research has shown that William Appleton of Nahant, Massachusettsmay have owned the first lawn tennis set and that his friends James Dwight and Fred R.Ice Hockey Origins, Growth and Changes in the Game History of Sports Home Ice Hockey History, Changes and Important Milestones.

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The modern idea of field hockey sprouted out of these traditions, and the modern sport of ice hockey was relegated primarily to small towns, and in no organized setting, until the late s.'.

1 • INTRODUCTION Marathas live in the Deccan Plateau area of western India. Outside the area, the term Maratha loosely identifies people who speak Marathi.

Ice hockey, game between two teams, each usually having six players, who wear skates and compete on an ice rink.

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The object is to propel a vulcanized rubber disk, the puck, past a goal line and into a net guarded by a goaltender, or goalie. Beauchamp of Montreal, while preparing to write a book on hockey history in , wrote to Creighton's Limited of Halifax, distributors of hand-made "Mic Mac" sticks to Upper Canadian hockey clubs: "The making of the first sticks has a most important bearing on the origin and early development of hockey.

An introduction to the origins and history of the sport of hockey

The history of American football can be traced to early versions of rugby football and association games have their origin in varieties of football played in Britain in the midth century, in which a football is kicked at a goal or kicked over a line, which in turn were based on the varieties of English public school football games.

Hockey and its Origins The roots of hockey are buried deep in antiquity. Historical records show that a crude form of the game was played in Egypt 4, years ago and in Ethiopia around 1,BC, whilst an ancient form of the game was also played in Iran in around 2,BC.

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