An opinion on child abuse and the negative impact on the growing child

The experience of growing up without siblings does has an effect, yes. Deborah Boyland Did you seriously just try to say being called an only child is one of the last forms of insidious prejudice accepted by society?

An opinion on child abuse and the negative impact on the growing child

Robert Farzad What is parental alienation and what can we do to help? What is parental alienation? If you asked a psychologist, therapist and family law lawyer, you may get different definitions.

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Our California child custody lawyers have seen our share of parents attempting to alienate a child or children from the other parent. Our lawyers have successfully represented parents who fought against alienation of their children and have, on extreme cases, secured court orders to take custody completely away from the alienating parent.

What has that experience taught us about parental alienation? Quite a bit actually. Alienation, by definition, means to isolate one thing from another.

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In the case of parental alienation, it means steps often planned and malicious ones a parent takes to isolate the child or children from the other parent through words and conduct and to create a division, estrangement and even hostility between the victimized parent and child.

Over the years, our law firm has developed a five-part strategy on how to fight against parental alienation. In this article however part one of a two part articlewe are going to share with you the warning signs we have seen that should alert a concerned parent that parental alienation may be taking place.

At the end of the article, we are going to discuss what you can do about it. If you feel your children are being alienated from you, stop and consider for a moment whether you would act if you knew your children were being abused.

In our view, parental alienation is abuse. At the end of this article, we provide you with a form to contact us.

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You can also call us to talk about your situation. Parental Alienation and Disparagement Of the five we have listed, disparagement is generally the starting point of parental alienation and the first warning sign that alienation is taking place.

Disparagement is negative comments about the other parent. It is not limited to direct parent to child comments. Disparagement can come in the following forms: Parent to child comments that insult, scorn or otherwise speak negatively of the other parent. Grandparents and siblings are most often the vehicle for this type of disparagement.

Entrenching the child into the divorce or custody case. The end goal is simple — If children are made to believe one parent does not act in their best interest, they will often rebel against that parent. Bonding and respect are lost and the result can be disastrous if allowed to fester.

Parental Alienation and Parentification Parentification is not a word you hear often. I am not sure we invented it but the concept is simple. The alienating parent places the child into a position and influences the child as a result of making decisions the child does not have the age or maturity to make.

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The two most common examples of this within the context of alienating the other parent are: Making decisions as to whether or not the child wants to visit with the other parent: The illusion results from the fact the child is not making that decision but has been unduly influenced to do so.

Letting the child decide what is his or her best interest: Parental Alienation and Parental Substitution Parental substitution is exactly what it sounds like. There is nothing wrong with that.

That is not alienation. That is simply moving forward where the child does not have two parents in his or her life and the involved parent has the good fortune of finding love again and a paternal or maternal figure to help raise the child. It is perfectly acceptable and common for a grandparent to step into that secondary role.

Under certain situations, Grandparents even have custody rights in California. Back to improper parental substitution, let me give you an example. Is that improper parental alienation?Page 6 Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect.

The consequences of maltreatment can be devastating. For over 30 years, clinicians have described the effects of child abuse and neglect on the physical, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral development of children.

You are here: Home / Divorce and Child Custody / What is Parental Alienation and What Can You Do About it? – Part I. Effects of child abuse and neglect for adult survivors. by Cathryn Hunter, Senior Research Officer with the Child Family Community Australia information exchange at the Australian Institute of Family Studies..

Experiencing abuse and neglect in childhood can lead to adverse outcomes in adulthood.

An opinion on child abuse and the negative impact on the growing child

Sociology Essays - Child Abuse and Neglect - In today's society, especially?n U.K, we fail to address? numb?r of issues that need to be solved.

Unfortunately, child abuse is one of the major issues that our country is plagued with, yet we neglect to bri. INCREASED SMOKING WITH CORRESPONDENT NEGATIVE HEALTH EFFECTS: Post-abortion stress is linked with increased cigarette smoking.

Women who abort are twice as likely to become heavy smokers and suffer the corresponding health risks. A study published last year in Child Abuse and Neglect revealed an intergenerational cycle of violence in homes where physical punishment was used. Researchers interviewed parents and children age 3 to 7 from more than families.

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