Bioengineering and self improvement

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Bioengineering and self improvement

We develop Bioengineering and self improvement and problem solvers skilled at applying engineering, science and design principles to improve health in the service of humanity by: Discovering and disseminating new knowledge; Promoting critical thinking and lifelong learning; Guiding students to meaningful and ethical professional and personal lives; Fostering interdisciplinary and collaborative research and education through academic and industrial alliances; Continuing innovative leadership in education, research and industrial relationships; and Inspiring faculty and students to serve others.

Program Descriptions The biomedical engineering program is interdisciplinary in nature, involving the application of engineering and mathematics to the solution of problems related to medicine and biology. The faculty reflect this interdisciplinary nature in their courses and research.

Marquette faculty are synergistically complemented by faculty from the Medical College of Wisconsin. The Department of Biomedical Engineering fosters collaborative interactions between the two institutions.

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More specific areas of research include: Functional imaging is the simultaneous quantification of the structural and functional aspects of a biological system.

Modern X-ray, nuclear magnetic resonance and other means of imaging in relatively noninvasive ways have made functional imaging increasingly practical. The joint doctoral program in functional imaging trains students in the use of these new technologies to obtain high-resolution structural, kinematic and kinetic data from intact organs, and in the use of mathematical modeling to understand organ physiology.

For these joint programs, special registration is required since courses are taken at both institutions. Prerequisites for Admission Students with backgrounds in engineering, physical science and life science disciplines are eligible for admission to the master of science, master of engineering and doctoral programs in biomedical engineering.

A baccalaureate degree in an appropriate area with a minimum grade point average of 3. Applicants who do not have an engineering degree must complete prerequisite engineering requirements.

The list of prerequisites can be obtained from the department office. A completed application form and fee online.

GRE scores General Test only. A brief statement of purpose that includes the proposed area of research specialization. For master of engineering applicants only an interview with the M. This handbook is available through the Biomedical Engineering Office and website. Biomedical Engineering Master of Science M.

Faculty will design a curriculum and research program to address the specific goals of each student. Programs will include course work in engineering, biology, mathematics and medicine, all of which will be integrated with research laboratory experience. A master of science student must complete 24 credit hours of course work including three credit hours of physiology and six credit hours of thesis work.

The student also must pass a comprehensive examination and submit an approved thesis.


Students currently enrolled in the undergraduate biomedical engineering program at Marquette University with a GPA of 3. Students must submit an application to the Graduate School, indicate their interest in the five-year program and meet all other admission criteria as stated in the Application Requirements section.

GRE test scores must be submitted before the start of the fifth year. These graduate courses count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Students will continue to gain research laboratory experience the summer between the senior and fifth year, continuing through the final year, culminating in preparation of a written thesis and defense.What is Self-Improvement?

The term “self-improvement” broadly refers to the act of improving yourself, but it can also be applied to a number of different topics. Self-improvement can include personal development in terms of leadership skills, goal setting, visualization skills, organizational skills, time management, and mind power.

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Firstly, we need to define what Engineering is before considering what Biomedical Engineering is. Engineering is the application of science and mathematics by which the properties of matter and the sources of energy in nature are made useful to people.

"What are the best arguments for and against seeking self-improvement through medicine, genetics, bioengineering,and biochemistry?" Caplan is the author or editor of twenty-five books and more than papers in refereed journals of medicine, science, philosophy, bioethics and health policy.

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Bioengineering and self improvement

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