Business law tutorial

Zulfiquar Ahmed What is the role of the courts in interpreting implied conditions?

Business law tutorial

Business law tutorial

This question go like that. Ryan was talking to his wife without handfree headphone while driving home.

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Sudden;y he lost control and hit a pedestrian. Is he liable under criminal law or civil war? Based on my opinion, Ryan is liable under civil law.

But if the pedestrian die, he will be liable under criminal law. He can can hire a lawyer to help him handle the compensation amount for the unjuries cause by Ryan. If the accident is really accidental, Ryan also could hire a lawyer to defend him as he have the rights to legal presentation.

Continue to next case. Geena runs an unregistered online investment portal from her home in KL where she managed to get people deposit money to her account. It was discovered that the investment was a scam and she attempted to flee with the money, only to be arrested in the airport by immigration officers because she held a fake passport.

So she is liable under criminal law.


Geena may have committed the Mena Rea criminal law. A guilty mind means an intention to commit some wrongful act. Based on the wikipedia.COMPANY LAW - LECTURE NOTES I. INTRODUCTION TO INCORPORATION 1. Definition of a "Company" A company is a "corporation" - an artificial person created by law.

A human being is a "natural" person. alter the nature of their business by agreement and without formality, and to. Business Tax Basics Business taxes can be quite complicated for new business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs alike, so it makes sense to learn the basics of business taxes before you file.

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Business Law: Tort Liability, Product Liability. 1. Consider your company or industry, or another organization with which you are familiar.

For that organization, identify a common type of tort liability that can arise in the organization. TUTORIAL 4 INTRODUCTION TO CONTRACT LAW AND AGREEMENT: OFFER 1.

What economic and commercial justifications are there for the existence of the law of contract? View Business Law Tutorial from ACCOUNTING A11 at Usman Institute of Technology.


This course is about business law!!!! Business law Embedded code by Anurag Views. Dictionary of Financial Dictionary of Financial and Business Terms VPTC Virtual Paralegal Training by Virtual Paralegal Training Center 18 Pages | Views. How to become a virtual paralegal? How to start a virtual paralegal business? Business Law tutorial 1. 1 N. Syafiqah Husin Question 1 Wilson is a members of XYZ Photographers who makes money by capturing wedding moment of their clients. Once they capture the photos, they upload the photos to their Facebook page. With that, they gained popularity and . In this online course, learn all about the important principles found in business law and various related topics such as legal requirements and taxation.

What is the important of an acceptance in a contract and what is the effect of a. International Business Law Introduction Intellectual Property is an idea or innovation that is created or discovered.

This includes things that you write, design,.

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