English through literature

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English through literature

Teaching English through literature is a recent English through literature in ELT. The present paper is investigating how to get benefits of literature to teach English. Some ELT experts might think that this method is useless to teach English.

The present paper sheds the lights on new trends of teaching English through literature; Role playing, Singing songs, the library materials and the use of Audio-visual aids. The researcher focuses on these four trends which are more effective than other methods. This is because they enhance the four skills of learning English.

Moreover, literature enhances the vocabulary of the learners. Literature with its amusement makes teaching a language more interesting especially if the literary texts are dramatized.

To deviate from the traditional methods of teaching English brings liveliness to teaching and learning a language. This paper suggests the communicative factor while teaching and learning English.

Finding new trends in teaching English especially in rural areas is as difficult as it might appear. It needs just to take the initiative and to get benefit of technologies that invade urban as well as rural areas.

Teaching English scholars might oppose the approach of teaching English through literature. Teaching English through literature is still a controversial issue.

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However, teaching English through literature is of paramount significance. The preconception, that literature is a difficult subject, is making a gap between the teachers and learners of English. Though, teachers can get a benefit of the amusement factor of literature in teaching a language.

This approach needs a very skillful teacher who can read the needs of his learners. The four skills of learning a language can be involved; reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Literature provides learners with a wide range of vocabulary items or syntactic items. The best chance for learners to enhance their vocabulary is through literature. The different types of literature are useful in the process of teaching English. At the same time, it is not a bed of roses for the teacher.

English through literature

Some problems might appear and make the teaching process risky. The syllabus should be chosen carefully to be up the standard of the learners especially if the learners are from rural area.

Literature is a vast and rich area to those interested in both fields ELT and literature. India and English Literature: India is one of the best countries in which a considerable amount of Indian literature is written in English whether in drama, novel, poetry or short stories.

There is a difference between the language of the middle ages of the English literature and the language of the Indian literature written in English.

This makes their writings easy to understand. The Indian culture is reflected in their writing. The learners of English find it easy to learn English through Indian English literary texts. They have national pride rather than to study English literary texts.

There are three dimensions while using literature to English; the teacher, the literary texts and the students. These three dimensions are one integrated group to learn English.

The teacher of literature while teaching English should be selected carefully. There are certain features for the successful teachers of literature.

English through literature

They are as follows: Some learners have the ability to write short stories, poems or any literary text but they are afraid; they need motivation. If so some of them will be great writers. Teacher should motivate such learners.

A poem by a poet, Tagore or Says Tuqa played on a cell phone will break the monotony of teaching.Teaching English through literature is still a controversial issue.

However, teaching English through literature is of paramount significance. The preconception, that literature is a difficult subject, is making a gap between the teachers and learners of English. Though, teachers can get a benefit of the amusement factor of literature in.

Teaching English Through Literature Murat Hişmanoğlu Abstract This paper aims at emphasizing the use of literature as a popular technique for teaching both basic language skills (i.e.

reading, writing, listening and speaking) and language areas (i.e. vocabulary. English Lessons Through Literature (ELTL) is a language arts program for first through eighth grade (or higher) that uses both Charlotte Mason and classical methods.

ELTL primarily covers grammar and composition skills. As of June , the series is complete through the first six levels, A through F. Welcome to Module 5 — Language through Literature.

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Children’s literature is an important means of creating opportunities for communication and language development through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.

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