Everest simulation reflection paper

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Everest simulation reflection paper

It was there that I had my first experience with the game simulation-based learning tool known as Everest; developed and distributed by Forio. The experience was exciting, meaningful, and extremely powerful in delivery.

High-Stakes Decision Making: The Lessons of Mount Everest

Anyone who has seen the latest Star Trek movie reboots might remember the scene where rookie, soon-to-be captain James T. Kirk beats an odds-stacked flight simulation in his training at Star Fleet academy. The simulation was designed to teach potential officers how to react in extreme situations with given information, and with urgency in mind.

Well, someone developed that type of simulation and many others like itand applied learning objectives that were appropriate to the classroom setting. The class was my organizational behavior course BUADand in the teamwork learning module, our professor assigned the Everest Expedition simulation.

Here are the basics of how it works: Each person had a set of personal goals that they were supposed to achieve during the simulation.

My role was the environmentalist, a well-known and experienced mountaineer who would be setting out to conquer the mountain one last time after a failed attempt due to acute elevation sickness. I was also charged with the task of staying an extra night at not one, but two of the five campsites to clean up from others who failed to keep a clean trek.

As you can see, with my goals alone, five camps, six days, and in two of those days staying an extra day, I could not reach the top and meet all of my goals. The simulation itself was held in class, requiring everyone to bring in an electronic device that could run flash and java. Determined to do the best, we six huddled around each other and our computers to share the information each of us were provided, while at the same time hiding some in order to preserve our personal goals and try to reach the summit.

But when it came down to deciding if we would continue on up to the next camp, we each chose individually.

Everest simulation reflection paper

The medic character however did have record of my previous sicknesses, and the knowledge that asthma can become a result. So on day four at Camp 3, myself and the medic stayed behind one extra day while the rest of the team left us behind. His goal was to reach the top no matter what in five of the six days, with or without anyone else, as a monetary reward was at stake for him.

But as he found out, he could not survive more than one day without medical supplies handy, supplied by medic being nearby.

Everest simulation reflection paper

And the medic was left behind at the camp, with me. The technology was very simple use, but was the best way to personally illustrate the classroom module point.

Analysis of Innovative Design of Energy Efficient Hydraulic Actuators

Post-simulation, we regrouped as a class to discuss what different groups found in their experiences. The most common observation from the software simulation was that groups may have one goal getting to the top but personal individual goals can alter the group outcome.

This simulation is offered through Forio, and it is worth exploring their website to see what other kinds of learning simulations they offer — they have a free membership that gives you some limited access, as well as paid memberships that let you build your own simulations.If you haven’t read about it yet, “Eugene Goostman” is a chatbot that’s being heavily promoted by the University of Reading’s Kevin Warwick, for fooling 33% of judges in a recent Turing Test competition into thinking it was human, and thereby supposedly becoming “the first program to pass the Turing Test” as Turing defined it in his paper.

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It was a fun activity. I felt that the materials and the situations reflected the real organizational experiences. Simulation Reflection Paper Simulation Reflection The simulation was very interesting in that my partner and I were given an opportunity to think critically about how to approach to influence different managers and workers with different characteristics.

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