Hamlet open ended question

I'm currently trying to finish up 11th grade and I've come to a conundrum. Out of school, I have this "2nd school" type of concept, where I go to a second school on Saturdays.

Hamlet open ended question

Playing the role of Divine Justice, Hamlet is driven into senseless murder in order to demonstrate how wild emotion may overwhelm specific judgments in one severe action.

He suspects that Claudius is there, and he wishes to take justice into his own hands immediately. He brutally stabs the man behind the curtain and hides the body where nobody may find it.

However, still wild with emotion after verbally abusing his immoral mother, Hamlet continues on his rampage, murdering an innocent man who would help Denmark succeed in the face of Norwegian invasion.

When Hamlet murders Laertes and Claudius at the end of the play, he redirects his anger temporarily, showing how passion overrides proper decision-making on a grand scale. He kills Laertes by reversing the poisoned rapier on him, retribution for poisoning him.

In the midst of all of this chaotic butchery, Fortinbras invades from Norway and seizes the throne of Denmark. Nobody is alive to be the rightful heir to the throne; Fortinbras, an invader, takes over without any struggle. Hamlet shows how emotional action is not useful on a grander scale, especially if the vengeful individual loses sight of the true purpose.

Hamlet open ended question

Falling too far into his self-assigned role, Hamlet makes serious missteps.Where do Hamlet and Laertes fight in attheheels.com? Who is Osric, and why is he included in the play?

Does Hamlet realize that he might not come out of this fight alive? See attheheels.com What is the outcome of the fight scene at the end? When Gertrude drinks from the cup, Claudius asks her not to drink and she refuses.

The coldness soon broke out into open chiding. Hamlet Heart of Darkness In the Lake of the Woods Invisible Man Jane Eyre AP English Literature Free-Response Questions Author: ETS Subject: Free-Response Questions from the AP English Literature Exam Keywords.

Apr 10,  · AP Literature Exam Open-Ended Question In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the author utilizes two scenes of grotesque violence in order to emphasize how revenge may manifest itself. Playing the role of Divine Justice, Hamlet is driven into senseless murder in order to demonstrate how wild emotion may overwhelm specific judgments in one.

Hamlet's conflicts take place in the context of a single family's domestic problems, and also in the context of political decisions that affect an entire country.

How do the familial and political levels of Hamlet . Brian Orozco February 19, English Language and Composition AP – Period 3 Hamlet Open-Ended Questions Act III scene ii: 1. Just as the King and Queen arrive to watch the play Hamlet put together, Hamlet says that he must act crazy.

Feb 06,  · Hamlet Assignment. Hey guys! Lastly, Laertes back to france, and Laertes and Polonius warned Ophelia of being too close with Hamlet. Open-Ended Questions 1) After readiing ActI, what do you think the theme of the book is and why?

2) What is .

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