Managing cultism in tertiary institutions

Public relations is as old as mankind. Some of the bogging questions are: The group was not really a secret cult. Confrontation ensued, many pyrates were suspended.

Managing cultism in tertiary institutions

Public Relations and Crisis Management in Tertiary Institutions Public Relations and Crisis Management in Tertiary Institutions The philosophy of public relations places much emphasis on the need for two- way communication in the management of crisis in organizations.

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Experts have agreed that many forms of misunderstanding and difficulties that lead to conflict in organizations spring from poor or lack of communication, and managements and authorities are constantly encouraged to give information more readily and more often to employees and its public.

Best ; Madike, For an organization in this case tertiary institution to build good image the chief executive must have strategic vision, ensure that the basic responsibility of management is performed dutifully and be certain that the organization is dynamic and responsible to the plight of the staff and students.

The Public Relations Executive should follow basic steps; identified by Lesly to avoid panic-baton crisis management. Premeditate; this is the act of developing plans well ahead of crises situation. The plan must be well understood, revised and updated. It also involves putting in place, a special task for comprehensive news coverage in the event crisis.

The Public Relations man should ensure that everyone knows who is doing what.

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During crisis, provision should be made for several assignments and those who handle enquire and supply instant feedback.

Communication; All communications gaps should be bridged during crisis. Administration of tertiary institutions should neither fail to communicate during their times of trouble nor delay their responses on matters of protests, demonstration etc.

Mediate; during crisis involving students or workers, the media people would always nose for news. Most administration is wary to talk to the gentlemen of the media. This can be dangerous.

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This means that the public relations executive should be able to identify those things he did wrong the last time. It is also advisable for the public relations executive to look outward and seek to discover what other institution around did when they were in the same circumstances.

A lot of question should be asked to be able to get a true picture of the present situation. The secret cult phenomenon is not new in Africa. As Aguda has observed, activities of secret cults like, Human Leopards and Human crocodiles, have been recorded in Central Africa.

In Nigeria, secret cults have always existed in many parts of the country. The origin of the secret cults in the Nigerian universities can be traced back to the Pyrites confraternity, also known as National Association of Sea Dogs, that was founded at the university college, Ibadan now called the University of Ibadan ,in when the institution was still a satellite campus of the University of London.

It has the skull and crossbones as its logo. Culture of hypocritical and affluent middleclass, different from alienated colonial aristocrats.

Professor Soyinka also explained that confraternities are not cults. Dixon According to him, Confraternity was part of the social life of the institution. Adebayo has pointed out some evil minds have twisted the original aims of this noble tradition that was simply one of campus life.

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Soyinka further points out that the original confraternity did not swear any oath of secrecy, no binding of blood and the identities of members were known to both students and staff Adiamoh Long after the founding fathers had left the University of Ibadan, the Confraternity seadogs continued to thrive.ILLS OF CULTISM IN TERTIARY INSTITUTION IN NIGERIA Royal Attah +, + [email protected] CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Azelama, Alude and Imhonda () noted that “cult is an assemblage of people united by certain ideals, or symbols and Read more.

trend in tertiary institutions in Rivers State and it is caused by employers and the employees.

Managing cultism in tertiary institutions

Its effect on the tertiary institution is glaring on staff, students and the campus community. However, this work “cushioning the effects of cultism in Nigerian tertiary institutions” is concerned with the educational sector that is, how the scenario affects the lives and activities of higher institution of higher learning in Nigeria like the universities, polytechnics, and the college of educations.

Key Words: Crime, Crime Management, Tertiary Institutions The term crime does not have any universally accepted definition, in modern times but one definition is that crime, also called an offence or a criminal offence, is an act harmful.

managing cultism in tertiary institutions by sulaiman abdullahi karwai, ph.d, fmca, mnim, mimc, department of business administration ahmadu bello university, zaria.

Evolution of Cultism in Tertiary Institutions. The secret cult phenomenon is not new in Africa. As Aguda () has observed, activities of secret cults like, Human Leopards and Human crocodiles, have been recorded in Central Africa.