Plastic a boon or curse

Is Health tourism a boon or a curse? Health tourism is not a curse. Thanks to the availability of lower cost treatments.

Plastic a boon or curse

Plastic is light-weight, durable, low-cost, and has a wide variety of application ranging from a pen, which you use to write on the paper, to the waste paper basket, into which you throw the paper.

Plastic undoubtedly has been the one of the greatest achievements by man. Well, not comparable to the wheel though!


Anyhow, plastic has proved to be a boon in various ways. When you enter a hospital, you can never fail to notice plastic vials, bottles, syringes, tubes, and many more articles made of plastic; those which are used to save many lives everyday all around the globe.

As I did mention above, plastic has replaced metals and glass as the primary material used in the manufacture of pens. To use metals to manufacture pens would be costly and using glass, though cheap, it is not a durable material. Plastic is used in the manufacture of thousands of home use articles such as boxes, cases, bottles, containers, tumblers, chairs, tables, and many more.

It also, in some way or the other forms a part of almost all electrical equipment, be it the sheathing of a wire or a plug casing, or even the keys of your cell phone. The extent of exploitation of plastic is unimaginable and never-ending. We have become exceedingly dependent on plastic, which is produced in large quantities every single day to suffice the demands for it.

Plastic, though seems a very useful material, it has a very dangerous string attached to it. It is non-biodegradable; which means, it cannot be broken down further or changed in anyway by any organism acting on it. If you bury a leaf and a plastic article under the earth for hundred years; the leaf would have turned to humus and would have fertilized the earth whereas, plastic on the other hand would remain in the same state however long you wait for it.

To put it in simple words, plastic once manufactured cannot be destroyed in any way. The magnitude of this property of plastic can be realized only after careful study of its direct and indirect effects that it has poised upon the environment around us.

Plastic a boon or curse

To think of a few, Plastic waste accumulated in land fills amount to a lot of soil pollution over the years since they are non-biodegradable. When plastic is burnt, the harmful fumes enter into the atmosphere and has direct effects upon someone who breathes it. Animals sometimes, feed on plastic and die painfully as plastic chokes their digestive and respiratory tracts.

This is a very serious concern in many countries worldwide. There have also been incidents of little children suffocating while playing with plastic bags and toys. Since it is obvious that plastic cannot be routed out completely, we must at least try and reduce our dependency on it.

Let us try and practice them whenever possible. Avoid accepting plastic bags when you finish shopping. Instead, carry a paper or a jute bag with you when you go shopping.

Avoid disposing of plastic along with organic wastes. Do not throw waste food in plastic bags or containers. You might just save a life. Plastic is made from crude oil. So lesser usage of plastic also means lesser demand for crude oil products. Keep plastic articles and toys with small parts away from the reach of little children.

Always supervise kids when they are working with such potential plastic articles. Do not dispose plastic which can be recycled. For those of us who are not aware, plastic comes broadly in two varieties: Recyclable and of course, the evil counterpart, non-recyclable.

Recyclable plastic can be directly sent over to recycling plants where they are melted and remoulded as per requirements. The plastic that undergoes the recycling process results in a lower quality product. Our aim should be to increase the domain of usage of such lower quality plastic and ensure that we have an equal demand for recycled plastic as much as we have for good quality plastic.

The more hazardous variant of plastic, the non-recyclable poses a greater threat to our environment. The trouble arises because we have no definitive way of disposing this plastic and hence it lives on in nature forever.Plastic – A Boon or Curse We celebrated the World Environment Day a few days back.

WED, commemorated each year on 5 June, is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action.

Genetic Engineering is the alteration of the genes of an organism, to improve its chances of survival, boost its immunity, help in its regeneration and reproduction, and in more complex fields of study - .

In Today’s world technology is a part and parcel of our life. Be it communicating across the globe or carrying out simplest things such as preparing coffee or heating your food. Plastic undoubtedly has been the one of the greatest achievements by man.

(Well, not comparable to the wheel though!) Anyhow, plastic has proved to be a boon in various ways. The bad things that happened due to using science are not because science is a curse but because some people are bad and lack virtues of ethics that use it for bad intentions.

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