Psychosynthesis frank

It is only now, six months later that I am somewhat able to express my experience. Auschwitz Concentration Camp I will never forget being there.

Psychosynthesis frank

It is possible headquarters has told him to delete the file. In fact, two J. What was the response of the WF leaders?

To simply ignore and coverup the evidence. One of these 2 eyewitnesses to Illuminati activities within the higher levels of the Watchtower Society realized that something Psychosynthesis frank seriously wrong at the top, when the WF leaders do not really care for those people in the congregations who are becoming the victims of SRA.

One elder in good standing lost his position because be warned the WT Society of satanic infiltration. It is obvious that the Watchtower organization is more interested in public relations than it is in having a clean organization.

In examining the families that are involved with the Illuminati who use the Watchtower Society as a cover, we find a continuation of the same pattern as I noticed before: For instance, one J. Illuminati family was the Udell family Scottish name who married Picketson Milliken English maiden name with Jewish first husband.

This type of combination typifies so many of the elite who I have researched. In the Be Wise As Serpents book, chapter 1. Readers may want to refer back to that chapter after reading this paragraph. The Illuminati operating within the Watchtower Society use the Enochian Language which has its own language and its own Enochian alphabet letters in boxes.

According to eyewitnesses who have left the J. In other words, their ceremonies are done in this ritual Enochian language. The Scottish connection in the Watchtower Society is overpowering. Both the Russell and the Rutherford families came from Scotland as well as MacMillan and many other key eariy Watchtower leaders.

From this it appears that the Scottish type of Illuminatism that created the early Watchtower Society has always practiced Enochian magic.

The same type of winged-sun-disk that C. Russell used was also used on the Sharon Russell - left the Illuminati, still a JW, worked with police showing ritual sites.

A secret Satanic serial murderer. Walt family - Woomer family- The areas which have been identified as strong Satanic stronghold within the Watchtower religious empire are: I expect that this list of strongholds is very incomplete.

According to an eye witness of the Illuminati within the Watchtower Society the following items can be ascertained: Some type of trauma based mind control is being used to create MPD and control children born into the Illuminati within the WF Society.


Note, I identified this upper level in my chart explaining how religions are controlled by Satanism.The Russell Bloodline.

THE WATCHTOWER & THE ILLUMINATI. Last year in the Jan. ’93 newsletter I wrote an article about the Illuminati and the Watchtower attheheels.comly, on Dec. 10, ’93, Texe Marrs interviewed me over international short wave radio about the .

Psychosynthesis frank

Like Frank I continue to search for meaning! As I write I have a sense of silence again, there is nothing more to say right now. A Professional Certificate in Psychosynthesis will commence in .

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In psychosynthesis terms, religious fanaticism begins healthily enough, with experiencing at the higher unconscious levels of the psyche. At these levels of experience, one can for example sense such things as a In the words of psychosynthesis psychologist Frank Haronian (), religious fanaticism would be an.

Psychosynthesis is an approach to psychology that was developed by Italian psychiatrist, Roberto Assagioli. He compared psychosynthesis to the prevailing thinking of the day, contrasting psychosynthesis for example with existential psychology. Psychosynthesis is a four-step process that requires thorough self-knowledge, self-control, realisation of one’s inner self (resulting in the creation of a “unifying centre”) and psychosynthesis, the final stage, in which the personality is .

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