Report on the movie the patriot

It may very well be one of the most exciting and moving war-drama movies of all time. There are very few films today that even come close to touching upon the American Revolution, which is why "The Patriot" is of such importance. Nonetheless, during the film the actual American Revolution takes a back seat and allows the center of the story to revolve around Benjamin Martin played by Mel Gibson and his South Carolina family.

Report on the movie the patriot

Bias in the film does not change the story but rather how it is told. In The Patriot, the bias is leaning towards the Colonists over the British. Therefore, small things are skewed in their favor which changes the way you feel towards the story as a whole. The perspective in which the film The Patriot was portrayed demonstrated bias.

In the film showing emphasis towards the colonists, the viewers get to know more about the personal lives of the Colonists. Making the viewers inherently sympathize with the Colonists. In sympathizing with the Colonists it also villainizes the British redcoats.

Due to the fact that the war took place in the colonies, Colonists die as well as soldiers. Although this was inevitable it causes you to further sympathize with the Colonists due to the fact that large numbers of their people have died.

The plot of the film also perpetuated the bias. This causes the viewers to dislike the antagonists, the British Redcoats.

Report on the movie the patriot

In the film, the British Redcoats also burn down the church that is packed full of the villagers. In reality, the British Redcoats never burnt down a church, and the Nazis were the ones who burnt down a church. Burning a church full of innocent people causes resentment towards the wrong doers, furthering the bias.

The portrayal of the characters also showed the bias in the film. The characters who were chosen to play the 2 protagonists, Gabriel and Benjamin Martin, are intended to be viewed as sex symbols which causes the female audience to automatically side with the protagonists over the British Redcoats.

The colonists treated the blacks both slaves and free men very well in the film. The treating the blacks well is very important because it makes them seem to be better people than they actually were. The British dogs also chose the colonists over British is important because it implies that the Colonist are better people than the British and treated the animals better.

If animals even chose the Colonists over the British then surely the audience should also. The special effects used in the film demonstrated a bias. The special effects used that demonstrated bias were sound effects, lighting and camera angles. When Gabriel Martin got married to his wife, Anne Howard, the lighting was very bright and beautiful upbeat music was played which caused emotions of happiness.

When the British and the Colonists were in the battle, the camera angles for each side was different. When the Colonists were filmed, they were shot at eye level.

The shots being at eye level could enable the viewers to feel that they understand the character and can empathize with them. The British Redcoats are filmed at an upward angle. Them being filmed at an upward angle makes them seem less relatable, forcing the audience to side with the Colonists because they are seem to be more relatable.

Bias was very evident and played a major role in the portrayal of the story. Bias is to be expected in such a film because it is an American made film explaining the story of their independence, so it is inevitable it would favor them.

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The Patriot Report. In the film The Patriot, various events and the way they are portrayed is skewed in a way that creates a in the film does not change the story but rather how it is told. In The Patriot, the bias is leaning towards the Colonists over the British.


report on the movie the patriot Essay; report on the movie the patriot Essay. Words 3 Pages. Patriot Cultural Assignment “The Patriot” is an excellent movie. It may very well be one of the most exciting Movie Report On The Road Trip Words | 5 Pages. Jun 28,  · "The Patriot'' is a fable arguing the futility of pacifism, set against the backdrop of the Revolutionary War.

It is rousing and entertaining, and you get your money's worth, but there isn't an idea in it that will stand up to thoughtful scrutiny.3/5.  The Patriot Video Work Olivia D. Henning Doc. Gary Wray HIST 29 July, The Patriot is a movie that takes place during the American Revolution in The movie follows the life of an America patriot named Benjamin Martin.

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