Tektronix case

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Tektronix case

The backup battery looks like it is the original battery that was installed when the scope was made. It has the number on the side of it that I believe means it was made in the 42nd week of I bought a new LTC-7P battery from www.

I heard that it would cost me several hundred dollars to have the battery replaced because the scope would need to be recalibrated. So I decided that I should be able to replace the battery myself. Normally, I would just tear right into stuff; but not my scope.

I also needed to make sure I did not lose my memory and need to have my scope recalibrated. Alan is an excellent teacher and has many great videos, including many useful analog circuits.

I recommend everybody to subscribe to his channel. He was very kind to help me out when I asked him, which helped me be confident in working on my scope myself. Also, a few commenters were nice to offer some tips and advice. Their YT names are: German Alvarez, Paul Collins, and nodriveknowitall.

Thanks for the help guys! The above picture shows my scope with the front cover on it. It also makes taking it apart much easier when I can just stand the scope up on its face without fear of damaging anything.

Tektronix case

This is a view of the back of my scope. My scope is standing on its face, the knobs and CRT being protected by the face cover. With the back cover off, you can see the fan. At this point all I have to do is lift the case up and off of the scope.

With the cover lifted up and off, we can see the inside of the scope. This is the board that has the backup battery LTC-7P at the top. The number for the battery in the schematics is BT, which you will see in later pictures of the schematics.

Notice how clean the scope is? In this photo I show and label the key components in the battery circuit. That will give me plenty of room to change the batteries without the temporary power wires getting in my way. For my temporary power supply I am using a battery holder that holds 2 AA batteries.

So I should be ok. I am using 2 brand new AA Duracell batteries, so the voltage is a tad over 3. Everything in my workroom is on the same ground plane. But using batteries is easier anyway. Here is a look at the battery circuit and component placement schematics. Here the PCB is removed from my scope.

The connectors have very little play. So I was real careful removing them. I used small precision screwdrivers to help pry up on the connectors in a little slot at the bottom while I gently pulled and wiggled them out.

They were in pretty tight, but not too tight. Here I show the old and new battery side by side. You can also see the diode that I will solder to on the back of the PCB.

Tektronix Cases - at Test Equipment Depot

I turned my soldering station a little lower than I normally do, and I was more careful with my Hakko De-soldering gun also; limiting contact to the PCB to no more than 3 seconds soldering on each pin, and 1 second at a time with my de-soldering gun.

It turned out great! I was so happy that everything went so well that I clean forgot to take a picture of it! I took a picture of the top side but not the bottom.

But if you have seen my other articles then you know that I do pretty good soldering. I took a picture of the top of the PCB and totally forgot to take a picture of the bottom side.Quickar Electronics, Inc. buyers and sellers of surplus excess, obsolete, hard to find, electronic components; both active and passive components, including: IC's.

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