The endless controversy of gay marriage

Societal Suicide The gay community has been fighting for the right to marry for quite. These properties help in regulating human relation for the marriage lifespan Allen, n.

The endless controversy of gay marriage

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Jen Hatmaker - World Vision, Gay Marriage, and a Different Way Through

But the underlying reasons why gay marriage is so controversial in America are being overlooked. While there is generally no consensus for or against gay marriage in other Western nations, the issue has far more political importance in America, where it is the object of an exceptionally intense debate.

Only a few U. Multiple other states have passed constitutional amendments barring gay marriage, as North Carolina recently did. But the fact that gay marriage is usually illegal in America is not exceptional in the Western world. The considerable contrasts one witnesses within the United States are what is remarkable.

Indeed, after the Supreme Court held in that consensual sex between men could not be criminalizedmany social conservatives were appalled.

The majority held that the law was unconstitutional because it infringed on fundamental liberty and reflected "stigma" against homosexuals. Justice Antonin Scalia, admired by numerous Republicans as a model judge, wrote a sharp dissent. Scalia posited that the criminalization of gay sex is a legitimate state interest.

In other words, besides gay marriage, the underlying question of homosexuality is much more controversial in America than in most other Western nations. A poll of five Western countries found the United States to be the least tolerant on the matter. Sixty percent of Americans felt that homosexuality should be accepted by society, a far lower proportion than the people of Spain 91 percentGermany 87 percentFrance 86 percentand Britain 81 percent.

The views of Republicans mainly accounted for the difference. Both liberals and conservatives in most other Western countries have evolved towards modern norms of tolerance on gay rights.

However, a large segment of conservative America has strongly resisted this process.

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Certainly, conservatives in other Western nations are typically more traditional-minded than their liberal counterparts and many do oppose gay marriage. Still, they are distinctly more tolerant than Republicans.

The endless controversy of gay marriage

Why is conservative America so out of step with the rest of the West when it comes to modern norms of tolerance?

One major factor is that conservative America is essentially the only part of the modern Western world where a fundamentalist approach to Christianity is prevalent, as I noted in a prior article. Religious fundamentalists strongly support an ultra-traditional patriarchal family model.

The clash over gay rights is an extension of the conflict between traditional patriarchy and the more egalitarian gender system of modern times.

Patriarchy seeks to affirm unambiguous gender roles and obligations. Men are expected to be "masculine" and women to be "feminine. Because religious conservatives also tend to equate sexuality with procreation, at least in principle, they commonly find homosexuality taboo.

These are among the reasons why the religious right laments that the recognition of gay marriage amounts to an "assault on the family" or an effort to "destroy society. Religious conservatives fear that it will be at risk if its definition becomes a mere matter of secular government policy, as noted by Naomi Cahn and June Carbone in Red Families v.

The "sanctity of marriage" will be further undermined if the institution is open to "profane" homosexual unions. Unlike many American conservatives, liberals tend to regard marriage primarily as an expression of love and commitment, often taking God out of the equation.

The religious factor behind opposition to gay marriage is less present elsewhere in the Western world, where indifference or skepticism towards religion is far more common than in America. Approaches to religion can also differ significantly.

Contemporary European Christians, for instance, are rather moderate in their faiths, particularly when compared to American evangelicals. While the Catholic Church condemns homosexuality and same-sex marriage, its influence is nowadays limited in Europe except in a few nations, especially Poland, Italy, and Ireland.

In sum, once religious conservatism is absent or moderate, opposition to gay marriage becomes less intense. Of course, homophobia is not only spurred by religious conservatism.

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It can equally reflect uneasiness or animosity towards people who are perceived as different, just like racism, sexism or xenophobia. In that regard, homophobia presumably exists in all countries to a lesser or greater extent. Yet, the extraordinary weight of Christian fundamentalism in conservative America exacerbates concerns about sexual morality.She advocates against same-sex marriage and the controversial Safe Schools program, which aims to reduce bullying of gay, lesbian and transgender students.

In previous interviews about Safe Schools, the medical professional has claimed Safe Schools discriminates against Chinese culture. Today, St. Martin's maintains church doctrine on the issue of marriage at a time when the U.S.

branch of the Anglican Communion has been engulfed in endless controversy and schisms over gay marriage and LGBTQ inclusion.

The endless controversy of gay marriage

We have seen and dealt with the two first giant misconceptions in this gay marriage debate. First, that somehow gay citizens do not have equal rights as straight citizens do, and secondly, that gays are not currently allowed to marry.

The Chick-fil-A same-sex marriage controversy was focused on the American fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A following a series of public comments made in June by chief operating officer Dan T. Cathy opposing same-sex marriage.

The Marriage and Family Foundation received $, in and $1,, in The Family Research Council, an organization listed as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in Winter , received $ Tax filings for showed that Chick-fil-A created a new foundation, the Chick-fil-A Foundation, to .

Some argued that gay marriage would be a ''much, much superior'' way of life than the unfulfilling single life faced by homosexuals in pre-gay-liberation American society.

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