Thesis regulations dcu

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Thesis regulations dcu

How to answer Thesis defense questions how to start thesis defence speech and how to prepare thesis defence presentation and how to survive thesis defence and dissertation defense tips Dr.

The form includes the recommendations for your examiners and you, as the student, can have no involvement in the decisions around examiners. This should be done following consultation with your supervisor.

Information on the relevant forms, and submission dates can be found at: Examining a PhD 2. The viva voce often simply referred to as the viva is a formal oral examination, or oral defence, which forms part of the examination of your thesis.

The viva panel is made up of an independent 1 chairperson, an internal examiner and at least one external examiner.

Thesis regulations dcu

The viva will involve a detailed discussion around the content of your thesis and can last anywhere from one to three hours. In some disciplines the student is allowed to make a 20 minute presentation at the beginning, whereas in others the examination commences directly with questioning from the examiners.

The examiners will have read your thesis thoroughly before the oral examination. During the examination process the examiners will explore the quality of the written thesis, as well as your ability to articulate and defend your research.

While you may feel a level of nervousness as your viva approaches, you should remember it is an opportunity for you to engage in scholarly discourse and to disseminate your research to leading academics in your field. As the viva is conducted in private there is an element of the unknown for candidates, but being well prepared will help alleviate much of the worry associated with the examination.

You, and your supervisor, should consider these questions prior to submission of your thesis: Can you defend your approach and findings?

Thesis regulations dcu

The Viva Panel 3. The Chairperson will manage the examination process, in consultation with your supervisor. Your supervisor may also attend the viva, but may not participate in the discussions or intervene in any way. Most candidates find it beneficial to have a supervisor present for moral support, and to take notes, but they are not part of the viva panel.

Generally a supervisor makes no contribution during the viva, and is allowed to provide clarification only if, and when, requested by the examiners or independent chairperson.

In most cases the supervisor will leave the room with you while deliberations take place, unless asked by the chairperson to remain. In some cases a candidate may decide not to have their supervisor present.

If this is the case for you, you should discuss this with the Chairperson at least ten days before your viva. Each member of the viva panel, along with your supervisor and Head of School has a specific role in planning and conducting your viva as is detailed in the next section.

The main points of interest to you as the candidate are shown here: These will be provided on the day of the viva or shortly after one week maximum.

Preparation for your Viva 4. Having a plan in place for the weeks prior to the viva will help you gain a feeling of control, and ensure you are well prepared for the day. The following is a suggested plan.

You should discuss your plan with your supervisor, and alert them to any concerns you have. A mock will give you the opportunity to run through the key areas of your thesis, to gauge how well you can handle any difficult questions, and to get feedback on areas you need to work on.

Look at their research publications — what is their current interest, what methodology do they follow, how does their research differ from yours? Speak to your supervisor about protocol and etiquette in the School. Think about the major strengths of your research, and where weaknesses lie.

Refer to the appendix in this booklet for some tips on questions. Bring this list with you to the viva.

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Check if any new research has been published by them since submission. Prepare answers in a clear, structured way. Make bullet notes for yourself. Take care not to make these too long - examiners will not appreciate having their time to ask questions cut short.

There is a range of possible outcomes. Becoming familiar with the location and layout of the room will remove one element of stress on the day. What time will you get up, how will you get to DCU, what will you wear, will anyone travel with you?Academic Regulations for Postgraduate Degrees by Research and Thesis relate to the research degree offerings of Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT / “the Institute” as a linked provider of Dublin City University (DCU / “the University”).

The framework is designed to encourage graduate students to spend time in a professional setting outside the university, to ‘tune into’ the conversations about enterprise going on in DCU, and.

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DCU Language Services Language Courses which may be of interest to (DCULS), based in Dublin City University, offers English international applicants. For further information 8 records, student id cards, examinations and graduation.

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