Timeline of fiji

Fiji during the time of Cakobau and Kingdom of Fiji The s was a time of conflict where various Fiji clans attempted to assert dominance over each other. Eventually, a warlord by the name of Seru Epenisa Cakobau of Bau Island was able to become a powerful influence in the region.

Timeline of fiji


Posted on May 5, by levuka How men and women were trapped, killed or sold. We had only arrived from the Solomons the night before, and had just handed over our live cargo of b blalckbirds slaves eighty souls all told, to our owners, a German firm, Messrs.

We had received our respective dollars, and commission per head recruiting and were steering a direct course for the Royal Hotel for a feed of gin, as was the custom in those days, and is still.

We ran out of liquor on board — a most unusual thing in n those days and our thirst as Timeline of fiji great. Phil used to tell me — sea he had a great long giraffe sort of thirst, and what a feed of gin he would have when he got to port; and he stuck to his word.

I never knew Phil to lie in that respect. Gin was only eighteen shillings per case, and Phil Timeline of fiji himself out for a gross, which he intended to demolish before he put foot on board another vessel.

Timeline of fiji

We duly arrived at the pub. Recruiters were always wel come; they generally spent their cheque in the shortest time possible, like the proverbial shearer.

On our return from our last recruiting cruise he had given all the recruiters in town a picnic to the back of the island Ovalau, chartering a small cutter for the purpose. It was the usual kind of South Sea picnic; a case of gin and a tin of sardines per man were all that we had to eat or drink.

We were looking forward to another picnic, but after two or three nips Phil forgot about tbe picnic and had one on his own account for a fortnight.

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Phil and I were not sailors in the proper sense of the word, but we had knocked about a bit in yachts in the old country and a great deal in cutters in the South Seas, and knew ab out as much as the average seaman.

Certificates were not, required in those days no Government, no Customs, did as you liked, a regular go-as-you please. Nobody to interfere with you; old Cakabau was rex, King and everybody was the Government.

They were great old times, as Phil used to say. We had been kidnapping for about a year together, and had. It was a ghastly game, to say the least of it. So he got the sack. The owners wished one to go; I declined, I intended to stay by my mate. A new captain and mate -were soon procured, and were fitting out for the cruise when I managed to sober Phil up and tell him he bad been sacked.

His recovery was a bit sudden, though. I offered hm gin to steady him. His feelings were hurt to get the sack for such a paltry offence as drunkenness, and allowing his ship to take charge of herself for a fortnight.

Why, the thought of it was ridiculous; it was unprecedented in Fiji. Why, it was the fashion to be drunk. All the old crew left with Phil and me, so consequently there was new captain, mates and crew on board.

The old crew were to invite the new crew on shore for a farewell evening to commemorate their departure, which invitation we knew they would readily accept.

At mid night the new crew from the captain downwards were dead to the world. An hour later we had shipped our anchor, and were standing out of the Passage heading for Wakaya, Phil having taken his bearings previous to darkness coming on.Brief Fiji history timeline from – Dutch explorer Abel Tasman is the first European to visit the Fiji islands.

The Colonial Sugar Refining Company (Fiji) began operations in Fiji in and until it ceased operations in , had a considerable influence on the political and economic life of Fiji. Prior to its expansion to Fiji, the CSR was operating Sugar Refineries in Melbourne and Auckland. Fiji is a Pacific island nation that is playable from October 10th, to the present day. See also: Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, India, Samoa, Vanuatu, Tonga. Fiji - History: When Fiji’s first settlers arrived from the islands of Melanesia at least 3, years ago, they carried with them a wide range of food plants, the pig, and a style of pottery known as Lapita ware. That pottery is generally associated with peoples who had well-developed skills in navigation and canoe building and were horticulturists.

– Landing of Captain Cook on Vatoa island. – Journey of Captain Bligh through Fiji group after mutiny on Bounty – Rotuma discovered by Capt. Edwards. Late s – Arrival of Jacko – a monkey, and a cat, at Bau, from a ship searching for sandalwood.

Fiji is a Pacific island nation that is playable from October 10th, to the present day.

Timeline of fiji

See also: Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, India, Samoa, Vanuatu, Tonga. Timeline of Fijian history; Politics of Fiji; Notes a b c; a b; External links "Background Note: Fiji".

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attheheels.com United States Department of State. October "History of Fiji "History of Fiji Islands and Fiji Bank Notes – to date". Queen Elizabeth II attends a formal farewell for King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands at Buckingham Palace as their two day State Visit draws to a close in London, United Kingdom (October 24, ).

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The official website of Tourism Fiji. Solotosoa, hearing the name Fiji, rushed to the conclusion we were going there, and im plored Phil to take her back to Fiji, ”Faamelemole oe le alii ia e ave ane au i fitto,” “please sir, you are a gentle man, take me back to Fiji.” to which Phil readily consented if Mr Thompson was willing.

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